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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To screen potential alternative cleaning products

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Sixteen products were selected from the lab's on-line database of testing results,, based on client supplied information and past testing results. All products were used at room temperature and full strength. A 1 milliliter sample of fourteen of the products was applied onto the surface of the part and allowed to sit for about one minute and then was wiped off to determine if there was any effect on the carbon deposit. Observations were recorded on the effectiveness of the solutions.
The last two products utilized media blasting using baking soda and carbon dioxide as the medium. A portion of the ceramic part was cleaned for under 1 minute to determine the potential cleaning of the blasting.

Trial Results:

Five of the liquid products showed some to little signs of removing the oxide layer. The other 10 had no effect. The baking soda blasting was the only process that was effective in removing the contaminant. The table lists the observations made for each of the 16 products.

Manufacturer Product Concentration Observations
Bi-o-kleen Citrus Soy Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser 100 Possible - residue
Bi-o-kleen Soy Cream Cleaner Kitchen & Bath 100 Possible
Gemtek SC Omnibrite 100 Possible
Valtech Corp Valtron SP 2700 KB 10 No
Alconox Citranox 3 No
Clorox Green Works All Purpose Cleaner 100 No
Chem Sciences Green Power Metal Bright 100 Possible
Chemspec Phosphoric Acid Cleaner #1 100 Possible
  CO2 Snow 100 No
Brulin Aquavantage 1400 100 No
United Labs Smart Solve 605 100 Possible - residue
Cogent DFC 30 Mold Release 100 Possible
Church & Dwight Armakleen M Aero NS 100 Possible
International Products Corp Surface Cleanse 930 100 Possible
Clean Environment Co The Natural Citric Acid Bathroom Cleaner 100 Possible
  Baking Soda 100 Yes

Success Rating:

Preliminary compatibility tests on substrate coupons encouraging for at least one cleaning chemistry. More in-depth laboratory testing necessary.


Baking soda blasting was the only option found to have definite cleaning of the carbon deposit from the ceramic parts.

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