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Trial Number 1

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate supplied products for all purpose cleaning using manual cleaning.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Soil Preparation: A mixture of three cooking oils/greases was made. A melt blend of 33% vegetable shortening, 33% lard, 33% vegetable oil and 1% carbon lampblack was made up fresh for the testing.
Preweighed ceramic, painted steel and plastic coupons were coated with DCC17 soil using a hand held swab and were allowed to dry for 24 hours at room temperature. The contaminated coupons were weighed again to determine the amount of soil added.

Three coupons were placed into a Gardner Straight Line Washability unit. A Wypall X60 reinforced wipe was attached to the cleaning sled and soaked with 1 spray of cleaner. Each coupon was sprayed with 1 spray of cleaner. The solution was allowed to penetrate for 30 seconds followed by cleaning in the SLW unit for 20 cycles (~30 seconds). An additional wipe cycle was done with one spray of water on each coupon and new Wypall for rinsing purposes. Coupons were let to dry 24 hours before reweighting and efficiency was calculated.

Cleaners Evaluated: Bab-O Gel with Bleach and Soft Scrub gel with bleach.

Trial Results:

Cleaner Surface Initial Wt Final Wt % Removal average % removal
Bab-O Gel ceramic 0.4944 0.4791 96.91%  
Bab-O Gel ceramic 0.4466 0.4373 97.92%  
Bab-O Gel ceramic 0.6321 0.6029 95.38% 96.74
Bab-O Gel plastic 0.4814 0.479 99.50%  
Bab-O Gel plastic 0.3291 0.3207 97.45%  
Bab-O Gel plastic 0.7702 0.7615 98.87% 98.61
Bab-O Gel Paint steel 0.2045 0.1945 95.11%  
Bab-O Gel Paint steel 0.4072 0.3984 97.84%  
Bab-O Gel Paint steel 0.3335 0.3198 95.89% 96.28
Soft Scrub Gel ceramic 0.8218 0.7658 93.19%  
Soft Scrub Gel ceramic 1.2087 1.1566 95.69%  
Soft Scrub Gel ceramic 1.0034 0.9591 95.59% 94.82
Soft Scrub Gel plastic 0.8768 0.7604 86.72%  
Soft Scrub Gel plastic 0.9032 0.8605 95.27%  
Soft Scrub Gel plastic 1.0963 1.0514 95.90% 92.63
Soft Scrub Gel Paint steel 1.0016 0.9075 90.61%  
Soft Scrub Gel Paint steel 0.9592 0.9192 95.83%  
Soft Scrub Gel Paint steel 1.0728 1.0007 93.28% 93.24


Product Name Concentration Efficiency Effective
Bab-O Cleaning Gel with Bleach 100 96.74 Yes
Soft Scrub With Bleach, Gel 100 92.94 Yes

Success Rating:

Results successful using TACT (time, agitation, concentration, and temperature, as well as rinsing and drying) and/or other cleaning chemistries examined.


Bab-O with bleach presented the higher effectiveness on the three different substrates at an average removal efficiency of 96.74% compared to 92.94% removal using Soft Scrub with bleach. No micro residuals were left after the cleaning process for Soft Scrub cleaner. Bab-O cleaner left some spot residuals in the coupons after cleaning.

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