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Trial Number 0

Trial Purpose:

To evaluate cleaners effectiveness at removing flux on graphite fixtures.

Date Run:


Experiment Procedure:

Pre-contaminated graphite fixtures were provided by the company. Each of the four cells on one fixture was rated based on how contaminated they were initially and rated again after drying. The following visual rating keys were used.

Initial Visual Rating Key

# Description
1 No contamination
2 Minimal contamination
3 Partially contaminated
4 Mostly contaminated
5 Completely contaminated

Final Visual Rating Key

# Description
1 Completely removed
2 Mostly removed
3 Partially removed
4 Minimal removal
5 No removal

One fixture was immersed in an unheated cleaner for 15 minutes. Visual observations of the fixture and flux removal were taken every five minutes, and the fixtures were air dried with room temperature forced air for five minutes before final observations.

Trial Results:

Visual Observations:

Cleaner 5 Mins 10 mins 15 mins Dry

- no visible bubbles

- clear dilution

- no change - no change -Flux still present, minimal removal

- no visible bubbles

- clear dilution

- no change - no change -Little to no removal

- no visible bubbles

- clear dilution

- no change - no change -No removal
4 -Bubbles on rim - no change -no change -Minimal removal
5 -Bubbles on rim - no change - no change -Little to no removal
6 -No change, No bubbles - no change - no change -Residue left in middle
7 -Bubbles on surface -Bubbles appearing -Bubbles disappear -No removal

Average Ratings:

Cleaner Average Before Cleaning Average After Cleaning
1 4.5 4
2 5 4.5
3 4.5 4.5
4 5 4
5 5 4.5
6 5 4.5
7 5 5

Success Rating:

Test incomplete or inconclusive.


None of the cleaners were effective with unheated immersion. Next step will be to add heat to cleaners that can be heated safely without engineering controls.

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