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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
62 1 Want information on past lab testing dealing with glass/optical parts. Special interest in "Breath Test" analysis
81 1 Interested in any material on degreasing of mechanical parts, what are some of the alternatives to perchloroethylene.
104 1 To evaluate levels of surfactant before and after passing through oil-water separator.
106 1 Working with a client to eliminate methylene chloride in a vapor cleaning operation. One offering is Propyl Bromide and another is Hydrofluoro ethers. Have you experience with these? Any other suggestions
108 1 Develop contamination removal process that uses minimal water.
127 1 To evaluate alternative hotel cleaning products to current products which were causing health problems with workers.
139 1 To identify a list of alternative cleaners for dissolve rubber based adhesive from their tape product
179 1 To generate a list of alternatives for cleaning aluminum and steel alloys
191 1 Need to find an alternative product that is compatible with their current process so that 141 B can be replaced.
194 1 To get a list of products that can be used to destroy DNA, bacteria without corroding metals.
234 1 To generate a list of alternative cleaning products
260 1 To evaluate alternative floor coatings
277 1 To evaluate the performance of four azeotrope solutions for cleaning of four soils.
277 2 To find a replacement for Methylene Chloride.
360 1 We would like to have some testing done to determine how much chemical residue is left on a surface (such as a countertop, table, or hand railing) after a typical user sprays and wipes with a chemical cleaner? (I believe Mr. Clean, for instance, glows yellow under black light. It might be interesting to use this to test for and photograph residue.) Follow up testing could look into whether or not the residue attracts and retains dust & dirt, makes surface dull and if it becomes necessary to clean more frequently.