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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
84 1 Looking for a fluid type cleaning machinery for complex polymer die pieces. I do not feel that conventional oxidative high temp methods work well.
85 1 Looking for an alternative to Methyl Ethyl Ketone in the stripping of solvent bonding from polycarbonate surfaces.
99 1 Looking for a non-toxic cleaner to remove oil-based coolant from aircraft tools. Parts are currently being soaked in mineral spirits.
132 1 To identify potential replacements for methylene chloride for cleaning epoxy resin from tools.
141 1 Gravimetric analysis to determine weight and maximum particle size of contaminant
143 1 Information request regarding the Al 3003 surface cleaning possibilities.
156 1 Cleaning Hardware to a bright finish
157 1 Search for a cleaning agent/solvents which are to be used for dissolving rubber markings on airport runways (tire markings). Would you have or know what product is available in the market?
170 1 To obtain information about SWR One testing
183 1 To evaluate new paint delivery system with traditional spray cans
188 1 Looking for information on how to manufacture eco-friendly water based cleaners.
195 1 Replacement and or substitution of methylene chloride based furniture remover
219 1 Any suggestions for the best possible material for the tray in this application and the best possible way to clean the epoxy off the surface of the tray
229 1 To find a quicker more efficient method for cleaning lab instruments
230 1 To identify and compare bio-based products to current products being used for janitorial applications
230 2 To identify, evaluate and integrate biobased floor strippers at facility.
233 1 Find effective cleaner for potato chip fryer & hot oil system that does not require treatment before discharge to the sewer and is not regulated under TURA
239 1 Looking to remove the lens coating found on all Nikon lenses.
259 1 To remove paint from equipment
259 2 To remove ink from golf balls
293 1 To replace the current hazardous chemical with a non hazardous one that works as well as the current.
320 1 To evaluate CIP system to determine where safer chemicals can be used for cleaning dairy equipment.
341 1 To evaluate existing cleaning system in search of process improvements to streamline how we clean homes.
395 1 To find an aqueous cleaning alternative for actone.
396 1 Find an Alternative to TCE
396 2 Performance testing using a plasma chamber to remove oils, fingerprints, and dirt from jeweled and regular orifice parts.
400 1 Paint Stripping
405 1 To eliminate the use of N-Probpyl Bromide in cleaning opereations
426 1 To replace the use of TCE on aluminum substrates.
426 2 To replace the use of TCE in vapor degreasing to remove copper tube lubricants from copper brazed parts.