Vendor Information

The Clean Environment Co

Box 4444, 8609 I Street
Omaha NE 68127
Toll Free: 800 266 2353
Local: 402 537 0011
Product Name Classification Safety Evaluation
Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner Alcohol-Semi Aqueous 3.5
Super Orange Clean Terpene-Semi-Aqueous 3.6
N-7 (the Natural) Basin, Tub and Tile Cleaner Neutral Aqueous 5.8
Carpet Extraction Neutral Aqueous 4
Traffic Lane Cleaner Neutral Aqueous 5.4
Cycle Degrease C-2 Alkaline Aqueous 6.1
The Natural Glass and Window Cleaner Conc. Alcohol-Semi Aqueous 3.5
Spray and Wipe N-2 Acidic Aqueous 5.6
The Natural - Citric Acid Bathroom Cleaner Acidic Aqueous 5.8
Natural N-14 Heavy Duty Degreaser and Cleaner Alkaline Aqueous 4
All Purpose N-1 Neutral Aqueous 4.4
C-8 Cycle Strip Alkaline Aqueous 3.9
Super Citrus Clean N 46 Biobased 3.5
Super Citrus Neutral Aqueous 5.4
Cycle-Finish C-12 Neutral Aqueous 3.9
Citric Acid (The Natural) Acidic Aqueous 3.5
The Natural Spray & Wipe Acidic Aqueous 5.6
Cycle Pot & Pan Detergent - Hard Dish Detergent (C-69) Alkaline Aqueous 4.8