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Client # Project # In Progress Implementation Tech Transfer Analysis Test Objective
18 1 Replacement of Vapor Degreaser for cleaning of PCB's, ceramic substrates with RMA flux
20 1 To deflux electronic assemblies
20 2 Determine how clean is clean
20 3 To remove surface flux from circuit boards, to remove flux from transformers and to remove epoxy resin from plastic surface.
30 1 Contact angle of CE115 CC(UR) on DSR 3241 (Solder mask) cleaned & uncleaned vs solvent type. Surface tension, liquid CE1155 with solvent mix. Surface tension measurements on up to 7 different masks
30 2 To evaluate ozonated water system for janitorial cleaning operations
30 3 Evaluation of janitorial commercial products that are safer alternatives to the TruShot product line being considered by the company.
34 1 To find a replacement for Tric 1,1,1
34 2 To find an alternative to NPB for removing solder flux from electronic devices.
88 1 To replace mineral spirits with an effective alternative
151 1 To clean client rejected parts to be reworked
155 1 To eliminate the use of Toluene
155 2 To identify contaminants on rejected parts.
160 1 To identify the proper concentration of cleaning product.
161 1 To find one chemical to clean our contaminated parts
172 1 Te evaluate if plasma cleaning could be a viable surface cleaning technology.
200 1 Would like to get more information about past testing for client 207.
227 1 To identify an environmentally friendly effective cleaning product to replace current ineffective aqueous cleaner.
295 1 Find a new cleaner for station cleaning - replace mineral spirits
308 1 To identify new cleaning process for alumina based ceramic components used in semiconductor industry
310 1 Evaluation of the effectiveness of a new aqueous agent on machined parts.